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WORTH is a Canadian boutique that is based on the principles of haute couture: the qualities of a client's individual tastes are highly valued. WORTH is not trend driven, instead it offers a well-edited collection of various wares for men and women who desire to express their style.

French Baroque injected with hip, urban influence. Noted Calgary based architect, Walker McKinley from McKinley Dang Burkhart collaborated with Carl Abad and ROLLOUT to create the design of the store. "Together we came up with a store that looks like an art piece," says Abad. Past and present eras are brought together, transporting the shopper into a realm of supreme chic. Imagine a black ceiling with octagon, smoked mirrors, a replica 17th Century Baroque chair finished in black lacquer and vinyl crocodile, a life size alabaster white reindeer, and grey and black damask wallpaper surrounding the shop. The look of WORTH revisits a period of time that inclines eclectic life, combining emotion, memory and fantasy.